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PLAY (Public Land Year-round) began in 1999 due in large part to the continuing closure of roads and trails on public land. The founding group had a vision that by working with the public land managers, more roads and trails would remain open for continued motorized access.

PLAY has been instrumental in opening trails throughout North Central Idaho and Eastern Washington. Although we continue to see closures on our public lands, the relationships we have with the United States Forest Service, Idaho Department of Lands and US Army Corp of Engineers has made the future of continued motorized access to our public lands more promising.

PLAY’s mission is to be involved in all activities relating to Off Highway Vehicles. Preserving current motorized use. Promoting increased motorized riding opportunities and working with land management organizations and legislative organizations.

PLAY’s Goals:

  1. Promote Tread Lightly
  2. Promote OHV safety and instruction
  3. Inform legislative officials of proposed laws and rules
  4. Work with legislative officials to propose and pass laws and rules
  5. Comment on motorized travel plans on federal and state lands

PLAY also holds annual events in the summer along with weekend rides for its members and their guests. We encourage you to attend a PLAY meeting to see what is going on. Monthly meetings are held in the banquet room at the Ponderosa Restaurant in Orofino on the first Thursday each month at 7 P.M. Your paid membership will also get you a quarterly newsletter and email alerts. If you have any questions feel free to email us atplayorofino@gmail.com.

Elk River 2022

Public Land Access Year-round * P.O. Box 2191 * Orofino, ID 83544 * tlubke144@gmail.com or playorofino@gmail.com